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USA is currently facing an acute shortage of nurses and is projected to grow to a million in the next fifteen years. This shortage is due to various factors. The current nursing population is aging. Baby boomers are reaching their golden years. Fresh graduates from nursing schools will not be able to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. To meet the growing demands of the current and growing shortage of nurses in the United States, healthcare facilities must recruit nurses internationally. The US government has made it easier for nurses to migrate to the United States to meet this overwhelming demand. This opens an enormous opportunity for qualified, skilled, english speaking nurses in India to migrate to USA. Indian nurses are well respected in the medical community in USA. They are highly qualified, technologically advanced, dedicated, caring and compassionate.

We at Nurses For USA can help you make your dreams come true. We are committed to helping you make this transition smoothly. We completely understand your concerns and are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the entire process. We firmly believe and follow ethical practices. Every thing is transparent and open to you.

We listen to your requirements and match you with a healthcare facility that will meet or exceed your requirements. Our extensive training process and orientation programs prepare you for a smooth professional and diversified cultural adaptation in USA.

At Nurses For USA we do not charge you any fee for our services. We have sponsorship programs to assist you.

For more information please contact us.