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1Fill in the Nurses For USA online application form and submit your resume online or via e-mail, fax or mail
2Attend a pre-qualifying interview with a representative from Nurses For USA
3You appear for our sponsorship qualifying exams to be eligible for our platinum, gold or silver sponsorship program.
4Nurses For USA will then help you prepare for and complete the necessary tests:
 - CGFNS exam preparation
 - TOEFL, TWE & TSE exam preparation or equivalent exam
 - CGFNS Certification
 - Visa Screen Certification
 - NCLEX-RN exam preparation
5You attend our training program, which prepares you to appear for phone and video camera interviews, familiarizes you with cultural diversity and general clinical setup in US hospitals.
6We identify and match you with a healthcare facility that meets both your and the clients requirement. We submit your resume to them.
7You appear for a phone/cam interview with the healthcare facility. After selection, we send you an employment contract for your signature.
8We receive your immigration documents and process your immigrant visa.
9You interview for the visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
10Your immigrant visa (green card) is issued.
11We arrange for your travel to the US. Temporary housing is arranged by Nurses For USA.
12You attend an orientation program with Nurses For USA for your basic personal requirements in the USA.
13You attend orientation and begin work with your hiring facility.
14You prepare to take the NCLEX exam.
15We provide on going support for you and you family to facilitate a smooth transition.